OrangeBee Money Global, Inc. (OBMG) Rules and Regulations

Effective January 01, 2017


Rules and Regulations: The following Rules and Regulations constitute the contract by, among, and between the Member (Member) and OrangeBee Money Global Incorporated, hereafter referred as (OBMG), a Florida Corporation, United States of America. They form part of and are included in the Application and Agreement that has been made with OBMG by Member. OBMG at its sole discretion may modify, amend, change, delete, or add to these Rules and Regulations in which OBMG deems necessary, provided the changes are reasonably uniform between the Members. Notice may be given by E-Mail, Mail or Text sent to Members current information on file thirty (30) days prior to the effective date. Notice is also deemed given when posted on our website. Failure of Member to request in writing the termination of its OBMG account, or any purchase or sale, or the use of the OBMG website by Member constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of the Rules and Regulations and the Application and Agreement.

1. Nature of the Parties: OBMG is an association of Businesses Owners, Professionals, & Individuals who have joined together to buy and sell goods and services among themselves through an organized system which is regulated by the record-keeping and administrative services of OBMG though the medium of OrangeBee Money. OBMG acts as a clearinghouse and third-party record keeper for the transactions of its Members. OBMG may, at its sole and absolute discretion, contract with others to provide all or part of such record keeping, and/or services.

A.) OrangeBee Money Global, Inc. “OBMG” means OrangeBee Money Global, Incorporated, a FLORIDA CORPORATION. In 1982, the United States Congress enacted the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA Act). OrangeBee Money Global, Inc. operates under the provision of this Act. For Tax purposes, and by signing below Member agrees OrangeBee Money is taxable in the year it is earned and reported to the IRS just as bank interest and income are reported. OBMG recommends Member seek advice from Tax Experts. OrangeBee Money is not Legal Tender as defined by the US Congress. OBMG Members account, is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other such governmental or quasi-governmental agency.

B.) Member: A Member is a bona fide, legal, and legitimate business, professional, or individual that desires to contract with OBMG to organize and facilitate their sales and purchases with other Members and wishes to subscribe to the OBMG record keeping and Broker service.

2. Nature of an OBMG Transaction: An OBMG transaction is a purchase or sale of goods and/or services whereby payment is posted to Member’s, account, pursuant to these Rules and Regulation. These postings are made in an accounting unit (one unit equivalent to one unit of cash US Dollar for accounting purposes) used to record the value of transactions. Ownership of Member’s account balance denotes the right to receive goods or services available within the OBMG System. Member’s balance may not be redeemed for cash (US Currency). Balance may be used only in the manner and for the purpose set forth in these Rules and Regulations. Neither OBMG nor the Member shall consider OrangeBee Money as legal tender, securities, or commodities. OBMG disclaims responsibility for the negotiability of Member’s account balance, or the availability of any particular goods or services from any source.

3. Liability for Member’s account Positive Balance: Member acknowledges that their Positive account balance with OBMG are the liabilities of Member’s who have spent more than their earning (negative balances), that there is a creditor/debtor relationship between such Member’s, and that their transactions incur the normal business risk associated with any credit transaction. Member’s account balances are the liabilities of Members who owe OBMG, and not of OBMG which is solely liable for its own indebtedness.

4. Loans to Members: Member grants to OBMG on behalf of OBMG, the right, and power to make loans to any Member of OBMG. Member understands that OBMG credit is extended by the OBMG Members collectively, and not by OBMG. The exercise of this power shall be at the sole discretion of OBMG’s management with regard to principal, interest, terms and conditions, lending policy, and other particulars. Member desiring to apply for a loan may be required to submit a loan application, financial statement, credit agreement, promissory note, and equivalent collateral prior to approval. Member acknowledges, consents, and grants OBMG and its parents, affiliates, principals, and to those having an ownership interest in OBMG the right and power to borrow from Members and spend within the OBMG System. OBMG is under no obligation to extend credit at any time. OBMG will use reasonable efforts to ensure timely repayment of principal and interest, and perfection of security interest in all loans. Member acknowledges that in consideration for loan management services provided by OBMG, all interest, fees, charges, and any other proceeds from such loans are the sole and exclusive property of OBMG.

5. Line of Credit: OBMG may establish a line of credit for select Members, which may be adjusted from time to time. The outstanding balance of the line of credit, as it is utilized, will be treated as a loan under these Rules and Regulations. Member agrees to sell to other Members at 100% OrangeBee Money up to the loan balance, plus interest, and not refuse sales, and must sell their products or services at their prevailing cash prices. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of Member and the outstanding account balance immediately due in cash (US Currency) to OBMG. Loan balances become due and payable in cash whenever cash fees become more than ninety (90) days past due.

6. Brokerage Function: OBMG serves in a brokerage capacity in organizing and facilitating sales transactions among Members. Responsibility for the conduct of an OBMG transaction is exclusively that of the two Members participating in the transaction. OBMG will use reasonable efforts to broker the Member’s account balance into goods or services, to accurately record transaction and to administer these Rules and Regulations in according to its terms. However, Member acknowledges that the sole principals in any OBMG transaction are the buying and selling Members involved, that transactions are entered into voluntarily, and that OBMG is not the agent of any Member, nor is it the guarantor of any OBMG transaction or Member balance.

7. Availability of Products or Services: OBMG shall use reasonable efforts to solicit new business or professionals having products or services to satisfy the needs of all Members. OBMG is committed to provide only those products or services that may actually be available in the OBMG System at any given time. OBMG is not responsible if a Member cannot find specific products or services to buy, or customers for their products or services from other Members.

8. Definition of Member in Good Standing: A Member who complies with the current Rules and Regulations and any other agreements in effect with OBMG, who is current in the payment of any cash or OBMG owing to OrangeBee Money, and who has a valid OBMG Member account, is an “Member in Good Standing.” Only Members in good standing are entitled to the services of OBMG.

9. OBMG Fees and Dues: All fees and charges including initial setup fees, Member fees, broker fees, administration fees, renewals, commissions, interest and other charges to Members by OBMG are in payment for services rendered in processing Member into the OBMG System, operating the clearinghouse and brokerage functions, administering these Rules and Regulations, establishing and maintaining records, and facilitating Member's use of the OBMG System.


A.) For fees and dues please click on Fees on home page.

B.) METHOD OF PAYMENT: Auto Pay: Cash (US currency) fees are deemed to be due at the time of the transaction. Member agrees to the following; to keep a valid credit/debit card, ACH, or other approved method of payment on file for Member’s auto pay. OBMG may debit Member's Auto Pay for any cash owed by Member at OBMG's discretion. OBMG will not approve any purchase without a current Auto Pay on file. In case Member, does not have valid Auto Pay they may acquire a rechargeable debit card from many sources, such as Wal-Mart, etc. In lieu of the above, Member may pay cash (check) in advance, which will be credited to their cash account. This will be drawn upon for their cash fees at the time of transactions. At any time, the cash broker fee on a transaction exceeds the amount of their cash balance, the transaction will be denied. Member agrees that they may be charged an addition of $20.00 USD fee for each instance that Member’s Auto or pre-authorized payment is declined or Member’s check returned for insufficient funds. Member acknowledge and agree that these terms reflect the additional costs we will incur in order to bill and collect your accounts.

C.) CASH INTEREST: A charge of one and one-half percent (1½ %) cash (US Currency) interest per month will be charged on cash fees not received by OBMG by next month's closing after month due.

D.) Member agrees to pay OBMG the full amount of such fees when due. In the event, that Member is in arrears for any cash fees beyond thirty (30) days, Member agrees to waive all rights to Member’s account, and usage of Member’s positive balance. When cash fees become ninety days (90) days past due their OBMG Member account may be closed and their OBMG balance will be forfeited with the balance going into the Member Loan Fund.

E.) NEGATIVE BALANCE: Member pays an additional fee of one and one-half percent (1½ %) percent in OrangeBee Money per month on the negative balance (amount which purchases exceed sales at month end cut off). Member agrees to sell at one hundred percent (100%) OrangeBee Money for amount of negative balance, plus interest, may not refuse sales, and must sell their products or services at their prevailing cash prices. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of Member’s account in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, and the outstanding negative balance immediately due in cash (U.S. Currency) to OBMG.

10. OBMG Transaction Authorization: All purchases must be approved by OBMG prior to sale. Selling Member can go to the OBMG website, use Mobile App, OBM Global Advantage Card, or call our 24-hour auto phone service and obtain an authorization number or they can call OBMG. If authorization is not obtained at the time of sale, OBMG has no obligation to post the transaction. The Selling OBMG Member is solely responsible for the authentication of the identity of any buyer. Because authentication is difficult, OBMG does not confirm any person’s purported identity. OBMG reserves the right to refuse to issue an authorization number approving a transaction under, but not limited to, any of the following conditions:

A.) If buyer does not have sufficient account balance, or line of credit to make such purchase.

B.) Credit/Debit Card is declined.

B.) If either parties is not a Member in good standing.

C.) If seller fails to obtained an authorization number for any sale, prior to the sale.

11. Record Keeping and Errors: Seller shall complete their regular sales forms, attain the Buyer’s signature, and enter the authorization number and mark paid with OBMG. In situations where a Buyer disputes having entered into a transaction, it shall be the responsibility of the Seller to provide OBMG with written verification from the buyer authorizing the transaction. OBMG has the right to reverse a transaction without liability if, in its reasonable discretion, there has been noncompliance with these Rules and Regulations, in which event it shall be the responsibility of the Seller to collect from the Buyer. All transactions are subject to audit and verification by OBMG and, in case of inaccuracies; OBMG may debit or credit Member’s account, without notice, as a result of such error. Member may obtain their monthly statement from the OBMG website reflecting account activity and Monies due and owing OBMG. Monthly statements are deemed accurate unless Member notifies OBMG in writing of any discrepancy within sixty (60) days of statement date. No reversals will be entered on an account after one hundred twenty (120) days after the date of the transaction or date funds in transfer was completed. Member requesting copies of statements to be mailed will be charged $3.00 cash per copy for each statement.

12. Returns and Refunds: Member will receive a credit to their account for the amount of a returned purchase, per these Rules and Regulations.

13. Authorization of Investigation: Member authorizes OBMG to make whatever investigation deemed appropriate for their becoming a Member of OBMG. OBMG may request reports from credit reporting agencies. If Member asks whether a credit report was requested, they will be informed, and if OBMG has received a credit report, Member will be given the name and address of the agency that supplied the report.

14. Mail, Telephone, and Discretionary Sales: Seller is solely responsible for satisfying that the buyer has the authority to make the purchase. OBMG will not accept liability surrounding such sales if a dispute arises.

15. Laws and Regulations: Member shall abide by applicable International, Federal, State, Provincial, and Local laws, or any legal jurisdiction, or regulations appropriate to any transaction. OBMG shall not be responsible for any failure on the part of Member to comply with such laws and regulations. Member agrees not to hold OBMG liable for any action OBMG takes to comply with applicable laws or regulation.

16. Taxes: Seller shall charge the appropriate sales and excise taxes and collect and record these on the transaction form at the time of sale. Under no circumstances will OBMG be responsible to pay any sales, excise, use, or other such tax on behalf of any Member. Members are advised that transactions involving OrangeBee Money are generally treated as taxable events for Federal, State and local tax purposes. The declaration and reporting of all applicable local, State and Federal taxes resulting from OBMG transactions rests solely with the Member. Further, that OBMG is required by law to obtain correct taxpayer identification number of Members (who is required by law to provide such number) and to report all OBMG sales of Members to IRS.

17. Assignment of Member: An OBMG Member’s account cannot be sold, assigned or transferred without OBMG’s express prior written consent.

18. Member to Member Conduct: Member agrees to treat fellow Members with the same consideration, courtesy, and attention with which Member treats all other customers. Good business sense, courtesy, and integrity are to apply in all transactions. Any Member who fails to abide by International, Federal, State, or Local laws regarding discriminations will be cancelled in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.

19. Member Transactions with OBMG Brokers, Associates, or Employees: Brokers, associates or employees, are free to buy with OrangeBee Money, but do so on their own behalf. All Rules and Regulations apply equally to Members, Brokers Associates, or Employees. OBMG is not a party to and is not responsible for these transactions.

20. Overpricing: Member agrees to sell its goods and/or services for OrangeBee Money at its prevailing or normally advertised prices and on the same priority given cash customers. OBMG reserves the right to inquire into complaints of overpricing by a Members. Violations may result in termination of Member’s account and/or immediate adjustment to the transaction involved.

21. Direct Trades: OBMG’s major expense is the Brokering of Members. Therefore, when OBMG expends money, time, or other resources in doing so, OBMG is entitled to the Broker/Service Fee for their service. Direct trades between Members, or the conversion of an OBMG transaction though another system to avoid service fees, or for any reason, are prohibited. Such trades may result in suspension or termination of Member’s account.

22. Breach of Agreement: OBMG has the right, but not the obligation, to inquire into complaints of these Rules and Regulations by Members. Members grants OBMG the right to take the actions that, in OBMG’s sole discretion, are deemed necessary. It is acknowledged, understood, and agreed to by Member that should Member fail to honor and accept purchases from another Member pursuant to these Rules and Regulations, except where Member is on hold in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, Member shall be deemed to be in material breach of this agreement. Member shall be liable for such damages which may result in suspension or termination of Member.

23 On Hold Status: Member may notify OBMG and request that their account be placed on hold (temporarily decline further sales). Member may not go on hold unless their account balance exceeds $5,000. The on-hold status of a Member shall not be in effect until OBMG receives written notification. A Member may not request on hold status when their account has a negative balance. If a Member wishes, a negative balance may be satisfied by paying to OBMG the indebtedness in cash (US currency), and then the account may be placed in the on-hold status.

24. Freezing of Member’s Account: If a Member violates any terms of this agreement now or hereafter in effect, OBMG may immediately terminate their account in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, or may freeze all activity in the account without notice until OBMG, in its sole discretion, reinstates the Member’s account or decides to terminate the Member. Member acknowledges that the decision of OBMG to freeze and/or terminate Member’s account shall be final and conclusive, and OBMG shall have no liability therefore.

25. Suspension of Privileges: OBMG reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend the privileges of any Member who is in violation of any applicable International, Federal, State, Provincial, or Local law.

26. Termination: Either party may terminate this agreement upon ten (10) days written notice to the other party. Immediately upon termination:

A.) All Member’s cash and OBMG’s services fees of any kind become due and payable. No fees of any kind will be refunded.

B.) If Member has a negative account balance (purchases exceed sales) Member agrees to provide OBMG with acceptable products/services in the amount of the negative balance. When OBMG finds a buyer, that amount will be credited to their account which will clear out the negative balance, or by paying cash (US currency) within thirty (30) days of the termination date.

C.) If Member has a positive account balance (sales exceed purchases) Member may stay active for one year and spend the balance until purchases equal sales by paying OBMG in advance the cash broker fees, commissions and admin fees, and service fees on the positive balance. In case of termination, there shall be no refund of annual fees, or commissions. All obligations under this agreement shall stay in force.

27. Damages if Terminated for Cause: A violation of these Rules and Regulations damages OBMG and the OrangeBee Money Global System in a number of ways that are difficult to quantify. These may include, but are not limited to, administration cost in dealing with the violation, financial injury due to loss of cash service fees and/or expenditure of funds, such as collection actions, loss of Member’s goodwill toward the OBMG and OrangeBee Money Global System, and loss of transaction volume, and Members. Member and OBMG agree that Member shall pay OBMG the sum of seven hundred fifty ($750.00) cash (US currency), as liquidated damages, and not a penalty, to OBMG, if Member is terminated for cause, that is, for violation of these Rules and Regulations for other than overdue cash fees. Cash damages are due on demand at the time termination. If Member has a positive balance, the damages must be paid in addition to all other requirements included in these Rules and Regulations before account can be used.

28. Spend Out, Cancellation: If OBMG reasonably believes that a Member is spending out their balance in anticipation of canceling their account, or if Member has requested termination, then OBMG shall require the prepayment of all cash services fees of any kind on the remaining balance in Member’s account.

29. Fee Changes: OBMG may, at its sole discretion, modify, delete, add to, amend, or change the Member Join Fee, Broker Fee, Annual Renewal Fee, Interest, Commissions, Dues and any service fees from time to time. Notice is deemed given when posted on our website.


31. Disputes: Any transaction dispute concerning the quality, nature of goods, or services, or any dispute of any kind, shall be between the buyer and the seller ONLY, and shall be settled by those parties themselves. OBMG has no responsibility other than recording the transaction. In any such event, parties to said dispute agree, jointly and severally, to indemnify and hold harmless OBMG, including cost and reasonable attorney fees, though all appeals.

32. Enforcement: Each and every term and provision contained in this agreement, and Rules and Regulations are severable from every other term and provision herein. If any such term or provision should be judged invalid, illegal, or unenforceable it shall not affect the validity, legality of enforceability of the remainder of any other term or provision. The remainder shall remain valid, legal, enforceable and in full force and effect. In the event that legal action must be taken by OBMG against a Member to enforce any provision of these Rules and Regulations, the prevailing party shall be entitled to collect from the non-prevailing party, costs and reasonable attorney fees, through all appeals. Furthermore, Member agrees to pay OBMG simple interest at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per year, or the maximum legal interest allowed by law, from the date of default, until payment, in addition to any other proceeds as granted by a court of law. The parties to this agreement and Rules and Regulations agree that they shall be governed by the laws of Pinellas County, State of Florida, United States of America, and in the English language. Any sums which may be awarded to OBMG by any legal authority shall be in cash, United States Dollars rather than OrangeBee Money.

33. Venue: Member agrees this Agreement shall be interpreted under Florida law and proper venue for all disputes under this Agreement shall be in Pinellas County, Florida, United States of America.

34. Advertising: Unless otherwise stipulated in writing between the parties to this agreement, Member authorizes OBMG to advertise their acceptance of the OrangeBee Money. OBMG may use, free of charge, the name, the address, and logo of any Member in any advertising and promotion, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by Member.

35. Tips, Gratuities and Sales Tax: Member shall pay tips, gratuities and sales tax in cash at point of purchase unless seller agrees to accept payment with OrangeBee Money for this purpose.

36. Special Procedures: The following procedures apply to transactions involving special orders, construction jobs, service work, or long term leases and other work-in-progress transactions. Before starting, seller should obtain an authorization for the total amount of the sale. If appropriate, seller should obtain a deposit or down payment in the same manner as a cash transaction. OBMG will only issue an authorization for the amount in the buyer’s account balance.

37. Products Sold by OBMG: On all products, OBMG Cash, scrip, or services owned and sold by OBMG, the sole and exclusive warranty made by seller is that it has title to such products, free and clear from any lien of encumbrance. Other than set forth above, products are sold, “as is, where is,” and shipping charges shall be paid by buyer. Concerning any products or services purchased by buyer from OBMG, buyer recognizes that such items are produced and provided by others and not by OBMG or its affiliates. OBMG makes no warranty either expressed or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, as to the merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose of such products or services, and buyer shall look solely to the manufacturer of such merchandise, or provider of such services for any warranty.

38. Security Interest, Insolvency: Member hereby grants OBMG a security interest in Member’s account balance and any sales to be credited to Member’s account for the amount of all unpaid cash fees. In the event of the insolvency or bankruptcy of Member, all cash fees shall be due and payable in full. No transaction shall be allowed until all cash fees are paid in full. OBMG shall have the option, in lieu of the above, of treating the OrangeBee Money balance as equal in value to the amount of cash fees owing, and terminating the Member: provided, however, that at such time as OBMG does receive all of its cash fees in full, OBMG shall credit back the balance to the Member’s account. Member authorizes OBMG to file appropriate security instruments with local, state, or federal authorities to protect its security interest.

39. Commitments and Representatives: OBMG is only responsible for commitments and representations made in writing by a duly authorized officer of OBMG. Brokers, associates, agents, or employees of OBMG are not authorized to bind OBMG to any obligation or representation whatsoever without such written authorization, signed by an officer of OBMG.

40. No Waiver of Right: OBMG’s failure of delay in exercising any right shall not operate as a waiver thereof, and any single or partial exercise of a right shall not preclude any other or further exercise of any right. OBMG’s remedies are cumulative and are not exclusive of any remedies provided by law.

41. Allocation of Goods and Services: Member acknowledges that regulations of purchases, control of credit extension, and allocation of goods or services in short supply are inherent in OBMG’s managerial responsibilities. This shall be exercised at OBMG’s sole discretion, and does not constitute preferential treatment under any of these Rules and Regulations. Members are advised that OBMG and its parents, affiliates, principals, and employees are compensated in part with a credit to their OBMG account and consequently, some Members are primarily or solely for their use. OBMG employees shall be subject to the same credit limitations applicable to Member’s account.

42. Dissolution: In the event OBMG terminates or otherwise ceases to do business, all Members with a negative account balance shall pay amounts they owe in cash (one unit being equal to one dollar in cash in US Currency) into a fund. The fund, less expenses, plus inventory on hand, will be distributed pro rata to all Members who have a positive account balance. Thus, all Members in a positive position will receive cash for their account balance to the extent that funds permit. OBMG shall not be liable to any Member for cash or any account balance beyond the distribution of such funds as aforesaid.

43. Member Acknowledgment: Member consents and grants OBMG and its parents, affiliates and principals, and those having an ownership in OBMG the power to sell, transfer, or assign their Member’s account without notice. All rights and obligations, under the Rules and Regulations shall go to the buyer, transferee, or assignee.

44. Member Acknowledgement and Warrant: Member acknowledges that he/she has read the current Rules and Regulations, that such Rules and Regulations are made a part of his/her Agreement with OBMG, and that the Rules and Regulations may be changed by OBMG from time to time in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations. Member warrants that it provides all information to OBMG in good faith and that such information is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.

45. Joint and Individual Liability: The individual signing on behalf of a Corporation or any legal entity agrees to guarantee and be personally liable for full performance by said Corporation or any legal entity in accordance with these Rules and Regulations (which are incorporated with and made a part of the Agreement).

46. Electronic, Fax & E-Mail Signatures: OBMG will, and Member agrees that OBMG may accept an Electronic, faxed or E-Mail signature as an original, legal signature.

47. Captions: The section captions in the agreement, and Rules and Regulations are for convenience only, and shall not affect the interpretation or meaning of any term or provision thereof.

48. Use of OBMG Website: Member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Member number and password and is fully responsible for all activities that occur on their account. It is important that the Member guard the identity of their account number and password because the use of the same to make a purchase represents their consent as Buyer to debit their account. Member agrees to immediately notify OBMG of any unauthorized use of their account or any other breach of security, and ensure that your exit from their account at the end of each session. OBMG cannot and will not be liable for any loss of damage arising from the failure to comply with this section.

49. Indemnity: Member agrees to indemnify and hold OBMG, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney’s fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of Members use of any OBMG services, Member’s connection to OBMG services, or Members violation of the Rules & Regulations, or Member’s violation of any rights of another.

50. Special Offers & Promotions: OBMG, at their sole discretion, may make special offers and promotions, such as reduced fees, no fees, fees paid in OrangeBee Money, incentives, or other benefits, available to all or some Members. This will not create any obligation on OBMG’s part other than explicitly set forth in such offers or promotions, including, but not limited to, any obligation to continue such offers of promotions on an ongoing basis.

51. Consent to Receive Electronic Mail: Member hereby expressly consents to receive from OBMG, our Brokers, and other OBMG Members electronic mail messages and agree that OBMG is not responsible for, and do not control, represent or endorse the accuracy, reliability, integrity or legality of any electronic mail, advertising, or other information provided by OBMG, OBMG’s Members, or Brokers.

52. Intellectual Property: All OBMG trademarks, logos, all rights, title and interest including any and all copyrights, data, URL’s, domain, technology, software, codes, user interfaces, and “look and feel” to the Website contents are the sole property of OBMG and may not be used without the prior written consent of OBMG.

53. Abandoned Member Accounts: Should OBMG with reasonable efforts be unable to establish telephone, E-Mail, or US mail contact with Member for a period of 180 days the Members account balance shall be considered abandoned. Member will forfeit their account balance and such forfeited amount shall at OBMG’s sole discretion be transferred to the OBMG Member Loan Fund.

54. Judgment Settlement: In the event of a dispute between OBMG and an OBMG Member resulting in a judgment entered on behalf of the Member against OBMG, Member agrees that OBMG shall have the right to fully satisfy said judgment with OrangeBee Money.

55. CERTIFICATION: Member agrees that they have read, and understands, and agrees to OBMG’s Rules and Regulations, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, found on OBMG’s website.