Unfair advantage over your competition?

  • Member: Buddy Hooper
  • Address: 101 S. Old Coachman Road, Unite 808, Clearwater, Florida, United States, 33765

OBMG brings members an unfair advantage over their competition.

OBMG members will drive right past your competition to get to your business because they are paying with additional sales. The key word here is additional, never replacing your existing cash sales, always in addition to your existing cash sales. It is almost like someone giving you $500.00 that you can only use at a particular business; would you not drive past their competition to buy from that business?

Since 1989 OBMG has guaranteed additional sales & income for select businesses, professionals, and people in the USA and recently Worldwide. We do not offer Leads, referrals, networking, advise you on what you need to do, OBMG just deliveries additional sales.

NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. There are no upfront fees of any kind. No fees EVER, until the first purchase, then only a 10% cash broker fee on purchases, a $15.00 OBMG monthly administration fee (that is OBMG money, not cash), and in any month members total sales

Special Conditions:

Just what is there not to love about OBMG?

OBMG operates as a Bank Cooperative with accounts buying/selling with each other utilizing a Complementary Currency, OBMG, as their medium of exchange, in the US OBMG, is complementary to the U.S. dollar, in Mexico, the Mexican Peso, etc. It is not in competition with other currencies, but complementary to them.

When an OBMG member makes a purchase, paying with additional sales they received because they were an OBMG member they save their hard to get cash. The OBMG member they purchased from received additional sales, which they can use to purchases from OBMG members, and on, on, and on.

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